At Sunbay Group, we partner with organizations around the world to deliver on the idea that every person in every place should have perfect water. To become a distribution or execution partner, or to learn more about how SOURCE can meet the needs of your next project, read on. If you are a distributor, developer, government agency, or NGO, to learn how SOURCE can meet your needs.

I have a commercial project & would like to understand how SOURCE fits

Are you designing, developing, building or improving projects with a need for safe, delicious drinking water? SOURCE is the infrastructure-free solution that provides a renewable water supply – worry-free for you and your customer.

SOURCE makes it possible to remove the obstacles water filtration and delivery challenges present in your projects today while blending seamlessly with existing or planned solar projects.

With SOURCE you can create a truly sustainable, scalable solution and advance your healthy community, while increasing occupancy rates and sell-through.

SOURCE is not only sustainable, renewable & worry-free

It is also a smart economic choice

In comparison to using bottled water, water filtration systems, or water delivery, SOURCE has a payback of 3 – 5 years, and a lifetime of 10+ years.

I’m a government official looking for ways to improve people’s lives

The people you serve in your community rely on you for clean, safe water. But water infrastructure has inherent risk and is burdened with cleaning and transporting millions of gallons to serve a complex network of needs. To build, maintain, or fix pipes is expensive and failure to do so risks your customers’ water quality and reliability.

SOURCE offers you a new solution for a fully self-contained water supply that renews daily, self-cleans, and requires zero input or infrastructure

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