Regardless of who you are, where you live and what you do.


You can contribute with us that 24 hours of sun becomes reality.


24 hours of sun is the vision of a world in which we are 100% covered by renewable sources of energy, and this energy is available in sufficient quantities for every person, anywhere, at any time.

Solar energy plays a vital role in the energy mix of renewables, which provide us with energy around the clock.

The key to enabling the visionary goal of "24 hours of sunshine" to become a reality for us all: technologies and solutions to generate and store renewable energy with unprecedented efficiency and to distribute and consume it intelligently and cost-effectively.

However, it requires much more than technology. For only together can we make the visionary goal of 24 hours of sun a reality for us all.


Renewable energies (hydro, solar, wind, geothermal and biomass) are developing intensely throughout the world, driven by the need to combat global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


We design and build systems for residential and industrial installations.


The storage of energy, the key solution for massive integration of renewable energy and optimization of investments.


Storing electricity helps to stabilize energy networks.


Sunbay - Energy has developed intelligent storage systems for different applications.


Smart grids are electricity grids that, through computer technologies, adjust electricity flows between suppliers and consumers.By collecting information on the state of the network, smart grids contribute to a match between production, distribution and consumption.Sunbay - Energy installs an intelligent energy regulation system.


One of the most promising advantages of intelligent buildings and a smart grid is the coordination and integration of many types of energy resources. Renewable energy systems, energy storage, combined heat and power applications, and many energy loads can now be grouped in a useful way.

Ask our energy experts for advice. We will help you with the choice, installation and service.

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